August 30, 2011

AQUA - MEGALOMANIA: the official tracklist

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It’s now official! The track list of Megalomania has been finally revealed by the band itself on their Facebook Official Page!
As already said by Aqua it will include 11 new songs (including How r u doin?) and the titles are really great! Judge by yourself:

Aqua - Megalomania

Aqua - Megalomania

1) Playmate To Jesus
2) Dirty Little Pop Song
3) Kill Myself
4) Like A Robot
5) Viva Las Vegas
6) Party Patrol
7) Come ‘N Get It
8 ) Sucker For A Superstar
9) Be My Saviour Tonight
10) How R U Doin?
11) If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)

Five of the songs were played live during the last tour (Dirty little pop song, Like a Robot, Viva Las Vegas, Party Patrol and Come ‘n get it), “Sucker for a superstar” is the new title of “Shakin’ Stevens” that will have a brand new text on Megalomania.
Do you remember when Soren was talking on Facebook about the final version of PTJ?… Now we know he was talking about “Playmate to Jesus”. “Be my saviour tonight” was seen on a screen during an Aqua Video inside their studio.
Interesting isn’t it?! Now the wait will be even harder! October come soon!

May 28, 2009

AQUA - GREATEST HITS: the tracklist!

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Aqua - Greatest hits

Aqua - Greatest hits

As we learn from it seems like the official tracklist of the upcoming Aqua greatest hits has been finally unveiled! According to the norwegian web shop Platekompaniet the tracklist will be the following:

01) Back To The 80´s (03:44)
02) My Mamma Said (03:37)
03) Live Fast - Die Young (03:03)
04) Happy Boys & Girls (03:34)
05) Barbie Girl (03:15)
06) Around The World (03:29)
07) Doctor Jones (03:22)
08) Aquarius (04:21)
09) Cuba Libre (03:35)
10) Lollipop (Candyman) (03:35)
11) Cartoon Heroes (Radio Edit) (03:39)
12) Be A Man (04:21)
13) My Oh My (03:23)
14) Freaky Friday (03:44)
15) We Belong To The Sea (04:17)
16) Roses Are Red (Original Version) (03:42)
17) Halloween (03:49)
18) Turn Back Time (04:07)
19) Goodbye To The Circus (03:59)

We find a weird decision to include “Be a man” and not “Good morning sunshine” but what we miss more is the absence of “Shakin’ Stevens”, song that all the Aqua fan are waiting from years. Well let’s just be happy for the three new songs!! The 15th of June is just around the corner!!

(Sources: and Platekompaniet)