July 4, 2012


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Aqua new songs coming soon!

Aqua new songs coming soon!

Wonderful news Aqua fans!
Søren just announced on Aqua’s Official Facebook Page that last week he recorded with Lene and René two brand new tracks!
The band is so excited by the result that they have already started rehearsing one of the two songs for their Scandinavian tour.
Fans who are attending the last two shows of their tour (14/07 Tysnes, Norway and 21/07 Samsø, Denmark) will have high possibilities to hear this song!

Love generation prepare youself for a very hot autumn!! New music is coming!

January 24, 2012


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Hej Matematik!

Hej Matematik!

As we already told you the new Hej Matematik! single will be released the 30th January! Now we also have a title, Soren Rasted announced that the brand new song will be called “Livet I Plastik” (Life in plastic)… is it a quote from Aqua famous track Barbie Girl? We just have to wait to find out!

From Facebook we also learn that the video for the song has already been recorded. The shooting took place in a special location, the “anechoic room” of the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet.

It seems like everything is ready for the third Hej Matematik era! We hope to have some news about the album very soon!

January 19, 2012


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Hej Matematik - Alt Går Op I 6

For all the Hej Matematik fans out there, we have fantastic news!
The group (formed by Soren Rasted and his nephew Nicolaj Rasted) will drop their brand new single on Monday 30th January! They announced it on their offical Facebook page.

“New single on Monday 30th January! We look like never before!”

We don’t have more details but as you can read we can expect something completely new!! Stay tuned to discover the name of the song!! We have less than two weaks to wait!

June 28, 2011

AQUA @ ROCK UNDER BROEN 2011: the gallery

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Finally our gallery of the AQUA show at Rock Under Broen is available! Hope you like the pics we have taken for you!
Thanks to Michele Doronzo for this amazing shots and thanks AQUA for this amazing show!

Pictures by Michele Doronzo

April 15, 2011


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AQUA @ Kalundborg Festival 2011

AQUA @ Kalundborg Festival 2011

AQUA just added a new date to their 2011 summer tour!
They will also play at the Kalundborg festival the 20th August.

Kalundborg is on the same island of Copenhagen so it is a good location if you’re planning to come to Denmark this summer to see AQUA live!

The dates announced until now are 15! We updated the tour page with the official links to the events so it will be easier to get info and buy tickets!

04/06/2011 - Horsens DK, Lunden
10/06/2011 - Harboøre DK, Haze Over Haarum
11/06/2011 - Middelfart DK, Rock Under Broen
17/06/2011 - Copenhagen DK, Fredagsrock i Tivoli
25/06/2011 - Nordenskov DK, Owen Luft Kånsert
02/07/2011 - Nibe DK, Nibe Festival
08/07/2011 - Vig DK, Vig Festival
09/07/2011 - Løkken DK, Løkken koncert
23/07/2011 - Allinge DK, Hammershus Fairtrade concert
30/07/2011 - Varde DK, Open Air Varde
04/08/2011 - Ringsted DK, Ringsted Festival
05/08/2011 - Silkeborg DK, Indelukket
06/08/2011 - Bork Havn DK, Bork Havn Musikfestival
13/08/2011 - Odense DK, Brandts Klædefabrik
20/08/2011 - Kalundborg DK, Kalundborg Rock’er

April 8, 2011


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Aqua - How r u doin - Video shoot

Aqua - How r u doin - Video shoot

[09/04/2011 - 17:35] Three new pictures uploaded to AQUA official Facebook page! In the first we can see Lene in the car with Claus and in the second and in the third a part of the set! We are more thrilled at every picture we see! They still have two hours of shootin to finish the video! Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.

[09/04/2011 - 15:00] During the last hours AQUA published other pictures from the set of the video! We can see Claus and Lene taking a picture during a break and another picture in which Lene pose with the clapperboard. In the last picture we can see the stunning dress she is wearing and the amazing hair cut! Can’t wait to see more! Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3!

[09/04/2011 - 10:45] The shooting have started! AQUA just published a new picture on their official Facebook page in which we can see René and Soren driving in a car in the night. Click here to see the picture!

[08/04/2011 - 23:43] The set is ready and tomorrow AQUA will start the shooting of the video for their new single “How r u doin?”.
They published this evening a couple of pics from the set, which seems very dark… the director will be Rasmus Laumann that for the band also directed the stunning video for “My mamma said”.
Follow Aqua on their official Facebook page to get all the updates before everyone else!

Aqua - How r u doin? - Video shoot

Aqua - How r u doin? - Video shoot

April 7, 2011

P.T.J. - Some details about the upcoming AQUA album

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Aqua - P.T.J.

What’s P.T.J.? That’s the question that all the Aqua fans are making themselves these days! Why?
Because Soren Rasted published this status on his Facebook page:

After dancing around the Aqua studio for at least an hour - we managed to finish pre-mix of P.T.J. - Sometimes music feels larger than life…….I love this - feelin’ extremely grateful.

Maybe it is the name of the next single? Maybe the name of the new album?! I hope he will tell us soon!

To all the people who keep on asking when the new album will be released we now have a plan date (even if it still can change).
According to the official Universal Music Denmark web site the new album could arrive in the stores of the country the 14th of June 2011.

It means that we just have two months to wait!

February 9, 2011


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Aqua - Facebook

Lene gave to all the Aqua fans a great news, the first single from the forthcoming third studio album si ready!

This is what she has to say about it:

” First singel ready! And this is how your hair will look after a long night behind the mixing desk. Were are over the moon about it and cant wait for you to hear it. Love from The Aqua studio”

The picture she is talking about can be seen o Aqua’s wall on Facebook: click here.

Thanks for the night at the mixer guys!!!! We all can’t wait to hear the new single!!

October 6, 2010

Kato På Maskinerne - Video coming soon!

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We didn’t think this was actually going to happen but we are really happy to discover that a video clip for the last Hej Matematik single ‘Maskinerne’ remixed by Kato will be released next monday!!

Copenhagen Records published a 45 seconds trailer for the video clip that seems to be really stunning! Watch it by yourself:

June 21, 2010


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Some days ago it was Søren’s birthday! We would like to celebrate his 41 years with a short photo gallery of his performance at Rock Under Broen. Unfortunately we were a bit far from him for doing better pictures but I hope you will like it anyway!

Soren @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

Soren Rasted at Rock Under Broen (2010)

10 Photos


Pictures taken by Michele Doronzo