December 9, 2013


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Aqua (Live in concert)

Aqua (Live in concert)

Christmas is coming, did you write your letter to Santa Claus?!
While we wait for some news from the band, I thought it was a nice idea to write down all the songs that a die-hard-fan like us would kill for!

Aqua split up in 2001, in the middle of the recording sessions for the 3rd album.
Some of the songs were ready and presented live during Aqua tour in 2000/2001. Those songs were “Hi-fi stereo”, “Shakin’ Stevens”, “Wow wow wow” and “Coach potato”.
Rough live recordings of the first 3 songs can be found on the web, while “Coach potato” is totally missing.
10 seconds of the studio version of “Shakin’ Stevens” were added on Aqua’s MySpace page in 2008, mixed with other Aqua songs and another unreleased song (probably a cover of Dean Martin track called “Everybody Loves Somebody”).

Will we ever hear the whole studio versions of these five songs originally written for the never released 3rd album?
Only time will tell!

With a surprising announcement Aqua reunited in 2007 for a Danish tour to be held in 2008.
During the shows a new song, called “Back to the 80’s”, was presented to the audience.
The song became a single in 2009 but maybe not everyone knows that the first version was a little bit different from the single version.
A very nice bridge between the verse and the chorus was, infact, deleted from the final version and the chorus melody has been changed a little. It would be a dream to have also the studio version of this first edit because it was really great!
During the concerts Aqua played also a new version of “Shakin’ Stevens”, with a rock mood. The song became “Sucker for a superstar” on Megalomania album but many fans are still in love with this version and its lyrics.

Finally in 2011 the band released Megalomania, a totally brand new album, and in summer 2012 Aqua declared on their Facebook page that two new songs were ready! Will the adventure continue? 2014 is at the doors… we just have to wait and see!

So Santa Claus, we have been so good this year… make our wishes come true and spin us a Christmas! With no hurry ;)

- Hi-Fi Stereo
- Wow Wow Wow
- Coach Potato
- Shakin’ Stevens (2001 version)
- Everybody loves somebody
- Back to the 80’s (2008 version)
- Shakin’ Stevens (2008 version)

Is something missing? Write it in a comment below!

Riccardo Minora

June 10, 2012

New AQUA single coming in autumn, new HEJ MATEMATIK! songs coming this summer!

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Aqua @ Nibe 2011

Interviewed before getting on stage at Haze over Haarum festival, Søren Rasted, explained what are the upcoming steps for his two groups: Aqua and Hej Matematik!.

Hej Matematik will continue to release new song through the summer while on tour around Denmark.

Aqua will tour the coutry and will get ready to tour USA and Canada the upcoming autumn. Also for autumn is expected a new single for the band but at the moment we don’t know it it will be a brand new song or a song from their last album Megalomania.

A great news to start the summer tour!

(Source: Haze over Haarum)

March 1, 2011


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Things are REALLY difficul this time! We have two play off to complete our AQUA TOP 10!

Some songs recieved the same ammount of votes! Tell us which are you favourite songs on the two polls down here! We have Lollipop Vs Aquarius and Around the world Vs We belong to the sea!!

One week to cast your votes!


January 29, 2011


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Last week we promised you a huge new survey and now we are going to keep the promise!
It’s time to vote for the best AQUA song ever!

A new album is going to be released this year so we would like to know what’s the best Aqua song until now.

You already vote your favourite songs from Aquarium, Aquarius and the Greatest Hits so we are going to pick the top songs from that charts and put them in the survey! At the end we will have the TOP 10 of your favourite AQUA songs! Cast your vote party people!!