August 6, 2010


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This is our last gallery from Rock Under Broen! 75 new pictures of Lene! We hope you will like this gallery as much as we do!
We still have to show you all the things we get from the concert, as Lene’s towel and Renè’s tie! So… come back soon guys!

Lene @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

Lene @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

75 Photos


Pictures by Michele Doronzo

July 19, 2010


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We are sorry for being a bit late! This is finally the photo gallery dedicated to Claus Norreen, with all the pictures we have taken at Rock Under Broen! We hope you like these pics!
Come back next week for Lene gallery!

Claus @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

Claus @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

17 Photos


Pictures taken by Michele Doronzo

June 16, 2010


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Aqua at Rock Under Broen

Aqua at Rock Under Broen

I’m sorry guys for failing with the live updates, unfortunately I had some problems with Wordpress’ iPhone application.

The concert was great! There are no many bands in the world that can entertain without a scenography or special effects. This time it was just Aqua and their music and that was enough to have a wonderful concert that made all the 15000 people of Rock Under Broen singing and jumping on their hits.

The set list was the same of their 2009 concerts, starting with “Back to the 80’s” and concluding with “Roses are red”.

Lene and René had three major change of clothing while Soren and Claus practically never left the stage for the entire concert. Soren was wearing a military style green jacket while Claus leather pants and a black t-shirt with the writing “Sort Sort Eller Sort?” “Black Black Or Black?” in English).

Lene entered first, wearing in black with red sequin gloves, but after a couple of songs she took her jacket off showing an union jack t-shirt.
René first outfit was made by black boots, squared black and blue socks, black shorts and a sleeveless black jacket weared over a white shirt.

Lene changed her first outfit after Aquarius, with high black boots, pink and black tights and a black dress weared with a metal belt.
René put on a squared sleeveless shirt for the second part of the show.

In the last part of the concert Lene put on a white t-shirt of the band Quiet Riot and a furry waistcoat and René pink shorts.

In the next few days we will publish all the pictures we took during the show and I will talk a bit about my dream coming true… Lene called me on stage and she sang “Aquarius”! One of the best moment of my life!!

This is the whole set list:

1) Back To The 80’s
2) Cartoon Heroes
3) My Oh My
4) Doctor Jones
5) Live Fast - Die Young
6) Turn Back Time
7) Shakin’ Stevens
8 ) Lollipop (Candyman)
9) Aquarius
10) My Mamma Said…
11) Happy Boys & Girls
12) Barbie Girl
13) We Belong To The Sea
14) Goodbye To The Circus
15) Around The World
16) Roses Are Red

June 11, 2010


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Rock Under Broen

Rock Under Broen

Hi guys! We are now in Danmark to attend Aqua concert that will take place tomorrow afternoon in Middelfart! I will make a couple of “live” updates from the gig site from my iPhone.

So come back tomorrow if you want to discover:
- the new Aqua logo and merchandise
- the set list of the show
- comments about new songs (if there are new songs of course)

So… come back tomorrow for all the Aqua updates you were waiting for! The adventure continues!!