August 6, 2010


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Hej Matematik! - Alt Går Op I 6

Hej Matematik!

We are happy to let you know that Hej Matematik’s song “Party I Provinsen” entered in the air play of the Canadian radio 96,9 CKOI!
This is what the radio tells about the song:

“EXCLUSIVE CKOI! CKOI is the only radio in America to play the song Party I Provinsen. Hej Matematik is a duo from Denmark composed by two old members of Aqua line up.”

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know that only Soren is an Aqua member and that Aqua are back… let’s just be happy for this great news! We wish this the beginning of a new International adventure for Soren and Nicolaj!

(Sources: Soren Rasted Facebook page and 96,9 CKOI)

January 21, 2010

JUST 4 DAYS TO HEJ MATEMATIK! NEW ALBUM: cover art, track list and more!

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Hej Matematik! - Alt Går Op I 6

Hej Matematik! - Alt Går Op I 6

In just four days Hej Matematik! new album will be released in Denmark, this is the right time to make a little point of the situation!

The leading single “Party I Provinsen” is doing well in Denmark and is now at number 2 in the iTunes Denmark chart and at number 11 in the Danish Singles Chart (this is its 7th week in the chart).

The album, which will be released on Monday 25th 2010, will be called “Alt Går Op I 6″ (that in English means “Everything goes up in 6″), the cover art is the one you can see in the left corner of this news and this is the track list (with their English translation):

01) Legendebørn (Children playing)
02) Weekend Weekend
03) Alt Går Op I 6 (Everything goes up in 6)
04) Party I Provinsen (Party In The Province)
05) Maskinerne (Machinery)
06) Det Si’r Sig Selv (It is obvious)
07) Walk in the Park
08) Skabt til Dig (Made for You)
09) Ud I det Fri (Out In the Free)
10) Så Ta’r Vi Toget (So we take the train)
11) Energi (Energy)
12) Lukketid (Closing)

Don’t forget to order your copy, this is a short list of on line music shop you can use:, and

(Source: - Translations: Google and GramTrans if you want to make some corrections please write at this adresse: - THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP).

January 4, 2010


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Hej Matematik - Alt Går Op I 6

Hej Matematik! new video, “Party I Provinsen” is finally here!!

The idea behind the video is simple but the result is absolutely stunning! We can see Nicolaj, Soren and the rest of the band playing on a white background, sometimes with a big 6 behind the duo (we remind you the Hej matematik! new album will be called “Alt Går Op I 6″ the Danish for “Everything Goes Up in 6″.

Are you ready to party?! Ladies and gentleman, “Party i Provinsen”:

November 3, 2009


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Hej Matematik - Party i provinsen

We have just learned from the official Facebook page of Soren Rasted that the brand new single from Hej Matematik has been released today! The name of the single is “Party i provinsen” (Party in the province) and is already available on iTunes (click here).

We can’t wait to know if there will be a video for the song and where the new Hej Matematik album will be released!!! Stay tuned!