August 10, 2011


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This morning Claus gave to all the AQUA fans on Facebook an amazing news!
Yesterday Aqua finished a two day photoshoot for the album booklet and cover! Claus say that is amazing and they’re all excited about it.

He apolagize for the delay on the release of the new album but he wants to ensure us that soon they will give us a “bulletproof” release date!

Here Claus’ words:

Hi guys, yesterday we finished a two day photoshoot for the album booklet. It looks amazing and we’re really exited about it. Seems like everything is really falling into place now: music, artwork, album title and live shows

Sorry for the delays and confusion regarding the release date. It has been quite a hectic summer finishing up the album, touring denmark, hollidays, strategys etc etc which has unfortunaly leed to the delay, but within a few days we will present a bulletproof date. Thanks for your patience, we do our best to make it worth it:-)

Are you excited as we are?! It looks like we are going to have a very hot autumn!

Claus Norreen on Facebook

Claus Norreen on Facebook