September 12, 2011


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Aqua - Playmate to Jesus

Aqua - Playmate to Jesus

The new AQUA singles “Playmate to Jesus” and “Like a Robot” are available from today on the Danish iTunes store!
Unfortunately of you don’t live in Denmark or don’t posses a Danish credit card it would impossible for you to buy the song.
The songs are also available in Norway iTunes store.

If you are Danish SUPPORT Aqua and buy the song from iTunes or others official music stores! Let’s do it for AQUA, this two new amazing song have to reach the top of the Danish chart!! Click here to buy “Like a Robot” and click here to buy “Playmate to Jesus“.

From today you can also pre order the new AQUA album “Megalomania” on Danish iTunes at this link! A new fantastic Aqua era has started!!!

September 9, 2011


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Aqua - Like a Robot

Aqua - Like a Robot

After announcing that together with “Playmate to Jesus” a club friendly single called “Like a Robot” would have been released AQUA decided to give their fans a 1 minute preview of it!

You can hear it in the official Aqua Facebook Page by clicking here, or listen it on YouTube!!
The singles will be available from Monday 12th 2011!

Go and spread the world! AQUA are back and stronger than ever!!!

August 30, 2011

AQUA - MEGALOMANIA: the official tracklist

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It’s now official! The track list of Megalomania has been finally revealed by the band itself on their Facebook Official Page!
As already said by Aqua it will include 11 new songs (including How r u doin?) and the titles are really great! Judge by yourself:

Aqua - Megalomania

Aqua - Megalomania

1) Playmate To Jesus
2) Dirty Little Pop Song
3) Kill Myself
4) Like A Robot
5) Viva Las Vegas
6) Party Patrol
7) Come ‘N Get It
8 ) Sucker For A Superstar
9) Be My Saviour Tonight
10) How R U Doin?
11) If The World Didn’t Suck (We Would All Fall Off)

Five of the songs were played live during the last tour (Dirty little pop song, Like a Robot, Viva Las Vegas, Party Patrol and Come ‘n get it), “Sucker for a superstar” is the new title of “Shakin’ Stevens” that will have a brand new text on Megalomania.
Do you remember when Soren was talking on Facebook about the final version of PTJ?… Now we know he was talking about “Playmate to Jesus”. “Be my saviour tonight” was seen on a screen during an Aqua Video inside their studio.
Interesting isn’t it?! Now the wait will be even harder! October come soon!

August 22, 2011


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Aqua - Megalomania

Aqua - Megalomania

The announcement finally arrived! Aqua announced on their official Facebook page the release of their brand new album, Megalomania, the third studio album of the band! The album will include 11 songs.
Megalomania will arrive in stores the 3rd October 2011, at the moment we don’t know if it will get an international release or if at the moment it will arrive just in Denmark.

This is the statement:

We’re happy to announce that the brand new album is out on October 3rd - and is entitled : “Megalomania” … 11 great Aqua songs made it to finale … and in the next few weeks we’ll be giving you more insights into the new album …

These words came with an amazing picture of the band, that maybe will be used like cover of the album or inside the booklet.
You can see it attached to this news. We can see the band on a beach, with the sea behind them and a big colourful explosion in the background! We really really like it!

(Sorce: Aqua Official Facebook Page)

August 21, 2011


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Universal Music Denmark couldn’t keep the secret, it’s not monday but we already have the title and the release date of Aqua new album!

It will be called “Megalomania” and it will see the light in Denmark the 3rd October 2011.
This info can be found on the Releaseplan page of the Universal Music Denmark website, we have to thanks Alex of Aquarama for the discover!

Megalomania is a greek world that indicate a psycho-pathological condition characterized by fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. Usually the world is also used to indicate the obsession to do always great and big things.

Tomorrow AQUA will make their official announcement on Facebook. We hope that we will recieve more informations as the tracklist and the release date of the next single… we can’t wait guys!

(Sources: Universal Music Denmark and Aquarama)

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