July 4, 2012


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Aqua new songs coming soon!

Aqua new songs coming soon!

Wonderful news Aqua fans!
Søren just announced on Aqua’s Official Facebook Page that last week he recorded with Lene and René two brand new tracks!
The band is so excited by the result that they have already started rehearsing one of the two songs for their Scandinavian tour.
Fans who are attending the last two shows of their tour (14/07 Tysnes, Norway and 21/07 Samsø, Denmark) will have high possibilities to hear this song!

Love generation prepare youself for a very hot autumn!! New music is coming!

June 10, 2012

New AQUA single coming in autumn, new HEJ MATEMATIK! songs coming this summer!

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Aqua @ Nibe 2011

Interviewed before getting on stage at Haze over Haarum festival, Søren Rasted, explained what are the upcoming steps for his two groups: Aqua and Hej Matematik!.

Hej Matematik will continue to release new song through the summer while on tour around Denmark.

Aqua will tour the coutry and will get ready to tour USA and Canada the upcoming autumn. Also for autumn is expected a new single for the band but at the moment we don’t know it it will be a brand new song or a song from their last album Megalomania.

A great news to start the summer tour!

(Source: Haze over Haarum)

January 28, 2012


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We’d like to share with you the results of our 11th poll! At the beginning of December we asked you what would you like to find into a re edition of Megalomania and here is what you answered.

As was predictable the most part of you would like a bonus disc with new tracks (49%), then we find the Live DVD (19%) followed by the DVD with video clips (10%).

Now we just have to hope that our dreams will become reality! Finger crossed guys!!

11th Poll Results

11th Poll Results

January 10, 2012


Aqua - Australian Tour 2012

Aqua - Australian Tour 2012

AQUA are going to rock Australia!

The band will be down under for a 6 concerts tour starting the 8th of March in Brisbane and ending the 20th March in Fremantle passing through the most important cities in Australia including Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne!

This is the complete tour:

08/03/2012 - Brisbane AUS, HiFi
09/03/2012 - Coolangatta AUS, Cooly Hotel
11/03/2012 - Adelaide AUS, HQ
13/03/2012 - Melbourne AUS, Palace
15/03/2012 - Melbourne AUS, Palace
16/03/2012 - Sydney AUS, HiFi
17/03/2012 - Sydney AUS, HiFi
18/03/2012 - Fremantle AUS, Metropolis
20/03/2012 - Fremantle AUS, Metropolis

January 3, 2012


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2012 is starting with a great news! It seems that AQUA will finally start promoting their comeback outside Scandinavia!

The band will infact start a promotional tour in Australia next March!

This is what they wrote on their official Twitter:

First news of 2012 … Aqua is coming to tour Australia in March 2012 - more details to come later today …

More details should arrive later today, so stay tuned! We really hope to see them tour the rest of the world too!

Aqua - Promo shots by Gudmund Thai


October 14, 2011


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Aqua - Megalomania

Guys the new poll is already here!
This time we would like to know from you which song from Megalomania you’d like to be the next single/video!

Mind that we are not asking what’s your favourite song on the album, but which one you would like to be tranported into a video and sent to the radios.

Cast your vote party people!!


October 3, 2011


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Megalomania number 1 on iTunes Denmark

Megalomania number 1 on iTunes Denmark

In just one day AQUA reached the highest place on the iTunes album chart! Megalomania is officially at number 1!

Also the single “Playmate to Jesus” keeps on climbing the chart and is today at number 19 (and at number 50 the Megalomania “version”), while the club single “Like a Robot” is today at number 86.

Danish fans support the band and buy the songs and the album legally! This is the direct link to download Megalomania from iTunes.

Norway, in a couple of days it will be your turn to bring Megalomania to the number 1!


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Aqua - Megalomania

Aqua - Megalomania

The day has come! After 11 years the new AQUA album, Megalomania, hit the stores in Denmark!

If you live in Denmark just go to your nearest music store and a buy a copy, you can also download it from iTunes.
If you live outside Denmark you will have to buy it from on line music stores as iMusic.dk or cdon.dk. At the moment an international release date has not been set.

The album is already at number 2 in the iTunes chart! Aqua fans let’s mate it to the number 1!!!

September 28, 2011


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Aqua - Megalomania

Aqua - Megalomania

If you live in Denmark don’t lose the opportunity to meet Claus, Lene, René and Soren!
Aqua will meet their fans and sign autographs at three Bilka stores around the country on friday and saturday!

Check out the nearest store:

Bilka (Rødovre) - 30 September 2011 - 17:00
Bilka (Tilst) - 1 October 2011 - 12:00
Bilka (Odense) - 1 October 2011 - 16:00

We are waiting for a confirmation but maybe fans who attend the event will have the opportunity to buy the new AQUA album Megalomania before anyone else!

September 23, 2011


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Aqua - Playmate to Jesus

Aqua - Playmate to Jesus

Ladies and gentleman, the video for “Playmate to Jesus” is finally arrived!
We admit we were the first to believe that we wouldn’t have seen it before the release of Megalomania, but we are happy to say we were wrong!
In approximately a week after the shoot the video is here for us to see!

The video is visually stanning and even if it doesn’t have a plot it has a deep meaning and a great finale.

This is the video for “Playmate to Jesus”! Enjoy guys!!

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