August 11, 2009


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June 16, 2009


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Urban has given the opportunity to Aqua fans to ask questions to their favourite band. From the interview we discover that Lene used her celebrity to seduce a model in a club in Spain and that the gruop is sometime embarassed from their own songs.

Unfortunately we can’t find the whole interview but BT has published a little summary. Click here for the translated article or here for the original.



June 8, 2009

AQUA: happy boys and a happy girls!

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You can read an English translation of the news after the picture!



Aqua: Happy Boys & a happy girl
Aqua is back in the new millennium - more playful and more pleased with each other than they ever were then world success put them human checkmate.

- Happy boys and happy girls, we’ll be / we are the happy boys and happy girls … But they superficially happy boys and happy girls were either or.

Then in the summer of 2001 when four monkeys fest had to admit that there was no longer something to celebrate for.

Soren and I were on honeymoon, when Rene and Claus called and said it was over now, remember Aqua singer Lene Nystrøm today.

- And it was so hard. I tooted and tooted …

Despite all had Lene, René DIF, Claus and Søren Norre Rasted lived through five years along with what most would call a fairy tale.

Five years in which they are combined with 33 million singles and albums sold worldwide, the biggest Danish music success ever.

Five years of world tours, limousine and luxury froth fans. The day long, all year round.

But five years where the four friends in Aqua forgot they were four-sensitive people. That was no room for. There was only room for Aqua.

- Paradoxically, made the great success that we lost the urge, says Søren Rasted.

Secret wedding

We meet him and the other three on the occasion of the Aqua 15 June publishes a collection plate with three new tracks on. After Aqua last year did restore and now well-ER three happy boys and one happy girl. But we return to.

- With the success we had, you are at sixes and sevens with his identity, says Rasted.

- I never had time to be Soren Rasted.

I was Aqua-Søren 24 hours a day, and suddenly go up in stupid things, as if the bread is sliced correctly, or if you are running for the right car for the next concert or the next interview.

Success was bad scratches in Barbie makeup. Scratches, which was to open wounds, as Soren and Lene in 2001 married. Without anyone - not even band mates - knew that they were lovers.

- As Soren and married us, without anyone knew anything about it or our relationship, this is that the bubbles that we had gone in so long, burst. We no longer knew anything about each other, says Lene Nystrøm.

- We had to realize that we are interested us most to Aqua, not each other. We never talked about how we had it. Rather the ‘reach, how does the plate in Japan’, you know, the Claus Norre up.

Carrier unit came back

In 2008, Aqua did comebacks on the Grøn Koncert-tour with so great success that they repeat it this year with a new number of summer concerts and “the Greatest Hits-” album.

- Nu we have had those years to consider what really at the time happened, we just got the pride back over this, we have made. The pride over this, we four get on, Lene Nystrøm smiles.

- It’s so lovely, we just got the naive, green influx to the things back. We just simply got the desire back. We lost it, when the things became too serious.

- It’s lovely to see that the audience becomes so glad, René Dif says, indomitable mood and udfarenhed are essential factors, when Aqua is playing live.

- They can see, we give the gas with one draught beer in the hand. That they’d like to contribute to, and it’s fantastic to see how they forget the crossnesses and just go to it. It’s lovely! I think, one needs Aqua, in these times.

Lene smiles:

- Everybody is on. The young people, the old the children and the biker gang members.

And Aqua also is on if somebody was to be in doubt.

No master plan

- We appreciate each other in a completely different way now, than we did before, and we give each other very more space, we do not hack on each other … we have permission to go wild and be a rock’n'roll a band, so to speak. That isn’t to be designed down for last pop-pull, as if it stayed at the time.

- We haven’t been tuned for the life we last in 90’s now, lived Råsted says.

- There are no master plans, and we take it all that it puts, because there is no reason to dig the large base for the house, if there aren’t any bricks.

Søren bursts into his infectious laugh:

- We bloody apparently do not entirely know what we really want to.

And if the foreign countries call?

- But, it’s unrealistic to pull half an or whole year out of the calendar. We have all children and commitments, that are the reason why logistics just wanted to not be in order, if we did it.

There Lene agrees not completely with his man.

- Nothing is impossible, as if she says.

(Sorces: Translation: GramTrans and Google).