March 6, 2014

AQUA LIVE FROM RUSSIA: Saint Petersburg, 7th March 2014

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Aqua Live from Russia

Aqua Live from Russia

AQUA will perform tomorrow (7th march 2014) at Saint Petersburg, Russia, during a festival that celebrate the 90’s!

Tha band will perform 6 songs from their first two albums, Aquarium and Aquarius. Unfortunately they won’t play any song from Megalomania. This should be the set list:

- Barbie girl
- Around the world
- Roses are red
- My oh my
- Turn back time
- Doctor Jones

If you’re from Russia you can find more info at this link:

As the concert will be held in Russia, Lene took some time on Instagram to speak against the recent anti-gay law that deny people to talk about gay in public. The band will carry the message by bringing on stage their rainbow guitar! A big THANK YOU from the LGBT community!

Lene message on Instagram

Lene message on Instagram

December 29, 2010


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Hammershus Fairtrade Concert 2011

Hammershus Fairtrade Concert 2011

A new date has been added to Aqua’s Summer Tour! The band will play at Hammershus Fairtrade Concert the 22nd of July.

These are all the dates announced til today:

04/06/2011 - Horsens DK, Lunden
09/06/2011 - Skanderborg DK, Sølund (NOT CONFIRMED)
10/06/2011 - Harboøre DK, Haze Over Haarum
11/06/2011 - Middelfart DK, Rock Under Broen (NOT CONFIRMED)
25/06/2011 - Nordenskov DK, Owen Luft Kånsert
02/07/2011 - Nibe DK, Festival
08/07/2011 - Vig DK, Vig Festival (NOT CONFIRMED)
09/07/2011 - Løkken DK, Løkken koncert
22/07/2011 - Allinge DK, Hammerhus Fairtrade concert
30/07/2011 - Varde DK, Open Air

June 11, 2010


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Rock Under Broen

Rock Under Broen

Hi guys! We are now in Danmark to attend Aqua concert that will take place tomorrow afternoon in Middelfart! I will make a couple of “live” updates from the gig site from my iPhone.

So come back tomorrow if you want to discover:
- the new Aqua logo and merchandise
- the set list of the show
- comments about new songs (if there are new songs of course)

So… come back tomorrow for all the Aqua updates you were waiting for! The adventure continues!!

August 8, 2009

AQUA LIVE @ TIVOLI: the first info

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Our friend Lorenzo Tabacchello just send us a couple of SMS to tell us how wonderful was the concert Aqua held in Tivoli (Copenhagen) yesterday evening!

Some days ago Aqua were speaking about a surprise via their Facebook page, we’re not sure of what surprise they were talking about but we know that there were a lot! First of all they entered on stage “flying” with a cable over the audience, then a sort of military band of drummers came on stage to sopport the performance of some songs like “Back to the 80’s” and “Barbie girls”.

Lorenzo also told us that they talked about a DVD of the concert to be released, infact a lot of cameras where filming the gig!
While we wait for some more news we leave you with a video we found on YouTube… yes is “Back to the 80’s”!