February 27, 2012


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The video for the brand new René Dif solo single has been released today!
Directed by the group DP Sidney Lexy Plaut and co directed by René Dif himself the video tell the sad story of an ending love story. Check it out!

February 25, 2012


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On Monday the brand new video and single from René Dif will be released! If you can’t wait an official teaser of the video was published from René himself! Check it out!

We like it! It’s a great rap song, well produced and also the video seems promising! We just have to wait to hear the rest on Monday! Stay tuned!

February 13, 2012


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René Dif

René Dif

We just learned from René Dif’s Official Facebook Page that he’s going to release a brand new solo single very soon!
The song will be called “Til Døden Os Skiller” (Till death do us part) and will arrive on Digital music stores Monday 27th February 2012, it means exactly two weeks from today!

Here a translation (using Google Translator) of René’s words to describe the song and this new step of his career:

René Dif publishes his first single for many years, monday 27/2 2012, titled: “Til Døden Os Skiller” (Till death do us part).

It will be the first single in a number of upcoming releases, where René returned to the sound and the expression he had before the time in Aqua. Up to this choice of solo career, there has obviously been a lot of thoughts about what his former status as a famous pop star meant.

René says:

“I have played the role of Pop idol for 15 years and made it as best as I could. So good that I actually own at one time believed firmly that I was like that. Fast cars, fast women, fast fabrics and plenty of superficial relationships. All in all, I can only say that many of the things I thought had value was completely worthless and devoid of content and I really was both frustrated and unhappy. One of the symptoms of my commercial success and the way to live up to the role of superstar was that I finally became completely numb and could not feel myself or others. That’s why my new album means a lot to me. It is an indication that there is emotion behind the facade, which I perfectly well aware, has been produced both hollow and unintelligent. Everyone, even Rene Dif, contain emotions, it’s just only now I can show them, stand up and tell I like it “.

René continues;

“That being boxed in, and God knows that what I have become is an unreal thing to experience, even though I can easily understand it with the life I have lived the last 15 years. As a young and untried man and with everything that comes with the fragility of the account made it to be thrown into a cynical industry that is impossible for me not constantly fall and fail. This statement I make now, is really to be able to celebrate the transformation I’ve been through. I’m out on the other hand, married to love of my life as I dare love of a pure heart and no longer afraid to sing a song about love, which is what I do now . It has taken me a long time to begin the journey towards the core of myself, call it developed late :), and the journey does not end here. I’m happy for who I am, I’m a happy man for what I have already experienced but just as much for what I’m going to see from now on. All of my experiences, my triumphs and failures, it means that I feel both humbled and very grateful to be and I would like to share with you “.

Good luck René! You can count on us!!

February 8, 2012

AQUA AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2012: new dates added, one of the Sydney show moved, Megalomania to be released soon!

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Aqua Australian Tour 2012

Aqua Australian Tour is selling like crazy! New dates have been added: 7th March in Brisbane and 21st March in Melbourne.
The second show in Sydney (17th March) has been moved to the Enmore Theatre and it will be the only gig accessible from people of ALL ages.

We also learn from the promoter that Megalomania, the new AQUA album, will be released the 24th of March in Australia!

Check out all the dates of Aqua Australian Tour:

07/03/2012 - Brisbane AUS, HiFi
08/03/2012 - Brisbane AUS, HiFi (SOLD OUT)
09/03/2012 - Coolangatta AUS, Cooly Hotel
11/03/2012 - Adelaide AUS, HQ
13/03/2012 - Melbourne AUS, Palace (SOLD OUT)
15/03/2012 - Melbourne AUS, Palace (SOLD OUT)
16/03/2012 - Sydney AUS, HiFi (SOLD OUT)
17/03/2012 - Sydney AUS, Enmore Theatre
18/03/2012 - Fremantle AUS, Metropolis (SOLD OUT)
20/03/2012 - Fremantle AUS, Metropolis
21/03/2012 - Melbourne AUS, Palace


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The new video from Hej Matematik is finally here! Check out Søren and Nicolai in “Livet I Plastik”!

February 1, 2012


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Hej Matematik - Livet I Plastik

Hej Matematik - Livet I Plastik

From past monday the brand new single from Hej Matematik “Livet I Plastik” is available almost worldwide on iTunes!

The single is an electro pop song following the style of “Party I Provinsen” where we can find a clever quote of Søren/Aqua song “Barbie Girl”: life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

The video of the song will be released next week on Tuesday 7th February.

Make sure you get the song legally, search for the song in your country iTunes store! To get a preview click here to go to the page of Danish iTunes.

January 28, 2012


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We’d like to share with you the results of our 11th poll! At the beginning of December we asked you what would you like to find into a re edition of Megalomania and here is what you answered.

As was predictable the most part of you would like a bonus disc with new tracks (49%), then we find the Live DVD (19%) followed by the DVD with video clips (10%).

Now we just have to hope that our dreams will become reality! Finger crossed guys!!

11th Poll Results

11th Poll Results

January 24, 2012


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Hej Matematik!

Hej Matematik!

As we already told you the new Hej Matematik! single will be released the 30th January! Now we also have a title, Soren Rasted announced that the brand new song will be called “Livet I Plastik” (Life in plastic)… is it a quote from Aqua famous track Barbie Girl? We just have to wait to find out!

From Facebook we also learn that the video for the song has already been recorded. The shooting took place in a special location, the “anechoic room” of the Danmarks Tekniske Universitet.

It seems like everything is ready for the third Hej Matematik era! We hope to have some news about the album very soon!

January 19, 2012


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Hej Matematik - Alt Går Op I 6

For all the Hej Matematik fans out there, we have fantastic news!
The group (formed by Soren Rasted and his nephew Nicolaj Rasted) will drop their brand new single on Monday 30th January! They announced it on their offical Facebook page.

“New single on Monday 30th January! We look like never before!”

We don’t have more details but as you can read we can expect something completely new!! Stay tuned to discover the name of the song!! We have less than two weaks to wait!


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It was released today on YouTube the TV commercial for Aqua’s Australian Tour!
In the commercial they say that the album is now available, so we expect it to be released very soon on the Australian iTunes. Stay tuned!

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