March 20, 2013


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Hej Matematik! - Hej Lights 2012

Hej Matematik! - Hej Lights 2012

Sorry guys for the lack of updates during the last months! Aqua are on a little break so we thought this was the right time to take a break too!

Anyway we are back to tell you that Hej Matematik! the duo formed by Søren Raster and his nephew Nicolaj Rasted have just released their brand new EP album called Hej Lights 2012.
The EP include their leatest singles, a remix of Sikke en fest and a live version of Farligt, an unreleased song.

If this is not good enough we tell you that this EP it’s downloadable completely free from Ekstra Bladet web site! Great isn’t it?!

This is the link to download it:
Hurry up the link will work for only 14 days!

This is the track list:

1) Sikke en Fest
2) Partyboy
3) Det Blir En Go Dag [Feat. Ankerstjerne]
4) Livet i Plastik
5) Farligt [live]
6) Sikke En Fest [Jack Rowan Remix]

As we didn’t published them in the last months we close this update with the videos of the tracks included in the EP!

Sikke en Fest

Partyboy (teaser)

Det Blir En Go Dag [Feat. Ankerstjerne]

Livet i Plastik

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