April 15, 2011


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AQUA @ Kalundborg Festival 2011

AQUA @ Kalundborg Festival 2011

AQUA just added a new date to their 2011 summer tour!
They will also play at the Kalundborg festival the 20th August.

Kalundborg is on the same island of Copenhagen so it is a good location if you’re planning to come to Denmark this summer to see AQUA live!

The dates announced until now are 15! We updated the tour page with the official links to the events so it will be easier to get info and buy tickets!

04/06/2011 - Horsens DK, Lunden
10/06/2011 - Harboøre DK, Haze Over Haarum
11/06/2011 - Middelfart DK, Rock Under Broen
17/06/2011 - Copenhagen DK, Fredagsrock i Tivoli
25/06/2011 - Nordenskov DK, Owen Luft Kånsert
02/07/2011 - Nibe DK, Nibe Festival
08/07/2011 - Vig DK, Vig Festival
09/07/2011 - Løkken DK, Løkken koncert
23/07/2011 - Allinge DK, Hammershus Fairtrade concert
30/07/2011 - Varde DK, Open Air Varde
04/08/2011 - Ringsted DK, Ringsted Festival
05/08/2011 - Silkeborg DK, Indelukket
06/08/2011 - Bork Havn DK, Bork Havn Musikfestival
13/08/2011 - Odense DK, Brandts Klædefabrik
20/08/2011 - Kalundborg DK, Kalundborg Rock’er

April 8, 2011


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Aqua - How r u doin - Video shoot

Aqua - How r u doin - Video shoot

[09/04/2011 - 17:35] Three new pictures uploaded to AQUA official Facebook page! In the first we can see Lene in the car with Claus and in the second and in the third a part of the set! We are more thrilled at every picture we see! They still have two hours of shootin to finish the video! Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3.

[09/04/2011 - 15:00] During the last hours AQUA published other pictures from the set of the video! We can see Claus and Lene taking a picture during a break and another picture in which Lene pose with the clapperboard. In the last picture we can see the stunning dress she is wearing and the amazing hair cut! Can’t wait to see more! Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3!

[09/04/2011 - 10:45] The shooting have started! AQUA just published a new picture on their official Facebook page in which we can see René and Soren driving in a car in the night. Click here to see the picture!

[08/04/2011 - 23:43] The set is ready and tomorrow AQUA will start the shooting of the video for their new single “How r u doin?”.
They published this evening a couple of pics from the set, which seems very dark… the director will be Rasmus Laumann that for the band also directed the stunning video for “My mamma said”.
Follow Aqua on their official Facebook page to get all the updates before everyone else!

Aqua - How r u doin? - Video shoot

Aqua - How r u doin? - Video shoot

April 7, 2011

P.T.J. - Some details about the upcoming AQUA album

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Aqua - P.T.J.

What’s P.T.J.? That’s the question that all the Aqua fans are making themselves these days! Why?
Because Soren Rasted published this status on his Facebook page:

After dancing around the Aqua studio for at least an hour - we managed to finish pre-mix of P.T.J. - Sometimes music feels larger than life…….I love this - feelin’ extremely grateful.

Maybe it is the name of the next single? Maybe the name of the new album?! I hope he will tell us soon!

To all the people who keep on asking when the new album will be released we now have a plan date (even if it still can change).
According to the official Universal Music Denmark web site the new album could arrive in the stores of the country the 14th of June 2011.

It means that we just have two months to wait!


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Aqua - How r u doin?

Aqua - How r u doin?

The video for the new AQUA single “How r u doin?” will be shoot this saturday!
The band announced it on their official Facebook page.

We still don’t anything about this new video but AQUA promised to give their fans a full coverage of the shooting day on their official page:

We’re shooting the video for “How R U Doin?” next saturday … And we’ll promise you full coverage on this page ;-)

Stay tuned! It will be a hot week end!