October 11, 2010


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As promised by Copenhagen Records the new Hej Matematik video Kato På Maskinerne is finally on line!
Enjoy it! We love it!!

October 6, 2010

Kato På Maskinerne - Video coming soon!

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We didn’t think this was actually going to happen but we are really happy to discover that a video clip for the last Hej Matematik single ‘Maskinerne’ remixed by Kato will be released next monday!!

Copenhagen Records published a 45 seconds trailer for the video clip that seems to be really stunning! Watch it by yourself:

October 5, 2010


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Lene is the best dressed celebrity

Lene Nystrøm

We recieved a very good news today! Hege Bakken Riise of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) informed us that in the middle of November Lene Nystrøm will be the guest star of a TV show called “Litt av et liv” (equivalent to the BBC program “This is your life”) in which they will portraying her life and her career.

The show is made as an interview with Lene in the studio, with lots of special guests who in some way have influenced her life that will appear on the show during the interview. Because of this it is very likely that also the other three Aqua members will appear in the show but it is not confirmed yet.

The show will be recorded in Oslo on the 17th of November and will be aired in Spring 2011. The very good news is that the network hopes to fill the audience with Aqua and Lene fans so if you don’t live far away from Oslo and you want to attend the show you can order your tickets for free at this link: http://www.linkevent.no/Events/RegForm.aspx?id=3885ba23-a6b4-423b-9dfd-c41b67127f1c.

If you can’t assist the show it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of it! if you have some funny stories to tell or if you’d like to suggest some questions write us (richardgriffin84@gmail.com) and we will propose them to the team of the NBK!