August 30, 2009


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Aqua live at The Dome

We have a couple of new info about the new Aqua album that hopefully will see the light next year.

During the interview Søren explained that they will not tour next year in order to have time to work on the new album. If things will go as planned it will be released in Autumn 2010.
Lene said that they still don’t know how the album will sound but of course it will include great pop songs!

Also is reporting the news with a list of record Aqua has smash in Denmark with the new greatest hits and single:

- Platinum Single for “Back To The 80’s”: 30,000 downloads
- Platinum Album for “Greatest Hits”: sold 30,000
- # 1 on the official album sales rank in 4 weeks
- # 1 in the official national radio airplay chart for 5 weeks
- # 1 in the national singles download chart for 4 weeks
- # 1 in the checklist (P3 listeners chart) in 6 weeks
- # 1 on DR1 Boogie’s video chart (voted by viewers)
- # 1 on iTunes’ singles sales list for 3 weeks
- # 1 on TDC Play singles list: 106,356 downloads
- # 1 on TDC Play album list: 13,737 downloads

(Sources: Go’ Aften and

August 29, 2009


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This is the part of the interview at TV2 program Go’ Aften where Aqua announce that they are working on a brand new album that will be hopefully released next year!

Aqua also updated their wall on their official facebook page:

Hi all… We broke the news yesterday that we are back in the studio making new songs - hopefully we will have a brand new album ready next year ;) Love, AQUA

August 28, 2009


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It seems like our dreams are finally coming true! Aqua announced today on TV2 (Denmark) that they will release an entire new album in 2010!
This news doesn’t take us too much by surprise as their new greatest hits and single are doing great in Denmark and Norway!

We don’t have more info at the moment but we will try to find and upload on our You Tube channel the entire interview!
So stay tuned!



(Thanks to Stine Sille Gasbjerg for the report)


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René Dif had a bad adventure during his vacation in Turkey with his wife Rikkemaija and their daughter Mabel (13 months old).

The family was sleeping in an apartment at the Oasis Club complex in Alanya when they was anesthetized with gas and then robbed. When they woke up in the morning they found out that jewels, watches and other items with a worth of several hundred thousand dollars were stolen from their room.

- It is truly sad to have to finish a holiday in this way. But thank God we are safe. Says René to MSN Starlounge.

René and his family were in Turkey to visit their friend Remee, owner of the Oasis Club.

René Dif robbed in Turkey.

René Dif robbed in Turkey.

(Sources: MSN and Ekstra Bladet)

August 23, 2009

AQUA @ THE DOME 51 (Cologne) - Pictures and videos

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Aqua live at The Dome

Aqua live at The Dome

Friday evening Aqua held their first perfomance outside Scandinavia in 10 years! We still don’t have many info from the show, we just know that Lene and René performed on a giant Rubik’s cube and that the four Aqua played with the same band of the live concerts.
To see the concert pictures just click here to enter in The Dome official web site.
From videos we’ve seen on YouTube the crowd seemed to enjoy a lot Aqua performance and the whole arena where dancing and singing to their hits! Unfortunately the show seemed to be lypsinched.

The show will be broadcasted on RTL 2 the 5th September 2009 from 4pm.

We leave you with a couple of nice videos we have find on YouTube! Enjoy them ;)

Aqua - Back to the 80’s:

Aqua - Barbie girl:

August 18, 2009


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Mtv Europe Music awards 2009

Help Aqua to be nominated in the category BEST DANISH ACT at the forthcoming Mtv Europe Music Awards!
You have time till the 1st of September to cast your vote! Where?! Simple: click here to go to MTV page, select AQUA from the list and then click OK!

This year Mtv Europe Music Awards will take place in Berlin the 5th of November. It would be great to see Aqua on stage, also if it is only to collect an award. We all can keep the finger crossed for a live performance… never say never!



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A very important news for all Germans’ Aqua fans!
Next friday Aqua will perform at the 51st edition of The Dome a German television program and music event, produced and broadcast by RTL 2.
The show will be recorded in Cologne (Köln) friday 21st August 2009 and will be broadcasted on RTL 2 saturday 5th September 2009.

Tickets for the show are already on sale at different resellers:

The Dome is described as Europe’s largest music event and it take place every three months in different cities in Germany and Austria. It will be a great opportunity for Aqua to promote the Greatest Hits in Germany! Well done!



(Source: The Dome)

August 17, 2009


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We learn from The Aquarium forum that the most famous British gossip paper has published a couple of days ago a short article about Aqua comeback!
After the image the entire article!



Aqua are back to make a splash
SCANDINAVIAN popsters AQUA are back - and with a brand new image to boot.

Nine years after their last hit, the quirky foursome - who have sold more than 33 million records worldwide - have reformed to release a Greatest Hits album.

But don’t let the conservative Victorian-style clobber in the promo shots fool you - the band’s new tunes are as infectiously catchy as ever before.

The LP features 16 old remastered tracks - including No. 1 Barbie Girl - and three new songs: My Mamma Said, Live Fast, Die Young and their first single in nine years, Back To The 80’s.

Click HERE to have an exclusive first listen to Back To The 80’s, out on September 21.

Be warned. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.

We are very happy that they are finally getting the attention they deserve! An article on The Sun and a forthcoming performance at G-A-Y… Great Britain is going to love them!

(Source: The Sun)

AQUA LIVE @ G-A-Y (London)

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It is official! Next 19th of September Aqua will perform live at the famous London’s club G-A-Y!
The club, now situated in Charing Cross (Central London), has seen many stars on his stage: Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Pink… and we could go on for hours! Also Madonna choosed G-A-Y to present her 2005 album “Confessions on a Dancefloor”.

It is not clear in which location they will perform as there are three G-A-Y clubs in london (G-A-Y Bar, G-A-Y Late and Heaven) but at the moment the important is to know that they will promote the release of the Greatest Hits and of their single “Back to the 80’s” outside Scandinavia!

We will try to get more informations about the gig and how to get the tickets! Come back soon!

Aqua as sailors

Aqua as sailors

(Sources: G-A-Y Official and Scandipop)

August 11, 2009


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