May 30, 2009


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For all of you travelling to Denmark this summer to see Aqua live don’t forget to take a visit at the Ole Lynggaard jewellery boutique at Copenhagen airport! Why?! Because from 2008 Lene Nystrom is the official model of the latest collections and a very big poster with her posing is exposed in the shop window. Also one of the internal walls shows our favourite singer in all her beauty.
Lene is also in the front page of the Airport Magazine so don’t forget to take a free copy.

Here you can find a bunch of pictures of the Ole Lynggaard boutique:

May 28, 2009

AQUA - GREATEST HITS: the tracklist!

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Aqua - Greatest hits

Aqua - Greatest hits

As we learn from it seems like the official tracklist of the upcoming Aqua greatest hits has been finally unveiled! According to the norwegian web shop Platekompaniet the tracklist will be the following:

01) Back To The 80´s (03:44)
02) My Mamma Said (03:37)
03) Live Fast - Die Young (03:03)
04) Happy Boys & Girls (03:34)
05) Barbie Girl (03:15)
06) Around The World (03:29)
07) Doctor Jones (03:22)
08) Aquarius (04:21)
09) Cuba Libre (03:35)
10) Lollipop (Candyman) (03:35)
11) Cartoon Heroes (Radio Edit) (03:39)
12) Be A Man (04:21)
13) My Oh My (03:23)
14) Freaky Friday (03:44)
15) We Belong To The Sea (04:17)
16) Roses Are Red (Original Version) (03:42)
17) Halloween (03:49)
18) Turn Back Time (04:07)
19) Goodbye To The Circus (03:59)

We find a weird decision to include “Be a man” and not “Good morning sunshine” but what we miss more is the absence of “Shakin’ Stevens”, song that all the Aqua fan are waiting from years. Well let’s just be happy for the three new songs!! The 15th of June is just around the corner!!

(Sources: and Platekompaniet)

May 26, 2009


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The first images from the upcoming Aqua videoclip are finally on YouTube! Today TV Avisen broadcasted an interesting service and a short interview from the set of “Back to the 80’s” where we can see the whole band dressed up as a tipycal group from the 80’s. Lene wears the red wig we have seen in the first dates of the new tour also Claus and Søren wears long wig instead René wears a funny hat! It seems like Aqua didn’t lost their humor during all these years!!

Enjoy the video:

AQUA NEW SINGLE: number one on TDC and videoclip shot today!

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Aqua - Back to the 80's

Aqua - Back to the 80's

“Back to the 80’s” the new single from Aqua is already at number one on the on line shop of TDC!
The band has surpassed “Takin’ back my heart” from Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara and “Hun vil ha’ en rapper” from Jooks. That’s really a wonderful news!! And the good news are not over yet…

To support even more the new single the band has shot the video for the song today! From what we heard around the web they all wear long wigs included Lene which obviously wears the red wig she is using in the new tour!
Don’t forget that the song will be included in the upcoming Greatest hits album coming next 15th of June!

Aqua n°1 on TDC

Aqua n°1 on TDC

(Sources: TDC and Aquarama forum).

May 25, 2009

“BACK TO THE 80′S”: Aqua new single released today in Denmark!

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Aqua - Back to the 80's

Aqua - Back to the 80's

Aqua new single “Back to the 80’s” is finally released in Denmark!!! From today “Back to the 80’s” can be heard on Danish radio and bought on Danish on line shops (unfortunately only if you have a Danish credit card).
The art cover of the single is the one you see at the left of this news, it is not amazing but we have to consider the fact that the single has not a physical release, it is just available on line.

While waiting for an international release you can listen to the song in streaming at this link,, or stay tuned on this on line radio:

We remind you to support the band and to request the song on your favourite radios if you live in Denmark!!! This is really important!!!

May 24, 2009

AQUA NEW SONGS: live versions

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Aqua are presenting two new songs during their last tour! If you can’t wait for the release of the greatest hits the 15th of june here are the videos I made in Horsens at their first concert of the new tour! I’m sorry for the bad quality of the audio…

Live fast - Die young

A powerful and energic song. If the sudio version will be similar to the live one it will be a smart mix of rock and dance.

My mamma said…
I don’t think to exagerate if I say that we are in front of one of the best Aqua song ever! A slow intro with the piano and than the song explode in a pop dance track with a melancholy feeling! Potential single!

AQUA TOUR 2009: photos, info and setlist

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Aqua new tour has finally started!
At 4:30 P.M. of the 21st of May the band reached the stage of Horsens Rocker for a hour and 15 minutes show. And here it is… the gallery of the first show:

Aqua - Tour 2009

Aqua live in Horsens at the first date of their 2009 tour.

39 Photos

Aqua new single, “Back to the 80’s“, is the opening song of the show. The melody and the lyrics of the second part of the chorus is different from the version presented during last year concerts.
Musically speaking the other songs were the same version of the last tour but with the add of two new numbers, “Live fast - Die young” and “My mamma said…“, which I find fantastic!
Freaky friday” and “Good morning sunshine” are not part of the show anymore.

This is the set list:
1) Back to the 80’s
2) Cartoon heroes
3) My oh my
4) Doctor Jones
5) Live fast - Die young
6) Turn back time
7) Shakin’ Stevens
8 ) Lollipop (Candyman)
9) Aquarius
10) Back from Mars
11) My mamma said…
12) Happy boys & girls
13) Barbie girl
14) We belong to the sea
15) Goodbye to the circus
16) Around the world
17) Roses are red

May 19, 2009


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The news of a new greatest hits and single have finally hit the web! Many on line Danish magazines report today the news that the reunited Aqua band will release the next 15th June a new Greatest hits album with 16 classics and 3 new tracks. also confirm that the new single will be “Back to the 80’s” and that it will be sent to the radios from the 25th of May.

As we already know the other two new songs will be “My mamma said…” and “Live fast - Die young“, but it’s still in doubt if “Shakin’ stevens” will be included, Søren Rasted always spoke about 4 new songs for the Greatest hits. We’ll just have to wait for the official track list… I’m sure we will not have to wait too long!



(Sources: Gaffa, BT, Avisen and Ekstrabladet)

May 17, 2009

AQUA @ GRØN KONCERT 2008: the gallery

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Hey Aqua fans!! The beginning of the new Aqua tour is just around the corner!
We would like to celebrate it by uploading the pictures we took last year in Esbjerg, during their first concert of the Grøn Koncert tournée.
We remind you that we will be in Horsens for the first concert of the 2009 tour! We will upload the pics as soon as possible!!!

So, this is the gallery! We hope you like them!

May 12, 2009

AQUA LIVE AT KØGE - 29 August 2009

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Aqua added a new date to their Danish summer tour! The band will play live at Køge Festuge the 29th of August 2009.

By now this seems to be the final date of the tour but things can always change. We all hope in a world tour once the Danmark is done!!!

Here the whole tour dates:

21/05/2009 - Horsens DK - Horsens Rocker (
23/05/2009 - Odense DK - Odense Rocker (
06/06/2009 - Skive DK - Skive Beach Party (
20/06/2009 - Holstebro DK - Rock i Holstebro (
27/06/2009 - Brøndby DK - Brøndby Rocker (
03/07/2009 - Nibe DK - Nibe Festival (
10/07/2009 - Vig DK - Vig Festival (
11/07/2009 - Løkken DK - Løkken Koncert (
07/08/2009 - København, Tivoli (
09/08/2009 - Skanderborg - Smukkeste Festival (
29/08/2009 - Køge - Festugen (

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