January 29, 2011


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Last week we promised you a huge new survey and now we are going to keep the promise!
It’s time to vote for the best AQUA song ever!

A new album is going to be released this year so we would like to know what’s the best Aqua song until now.

You already vote your favourite songs from Aquarium, Aquarius and the Greatest Hits so we are going to pick the top songs from that charts and put them in the survey! At the end we will have the TOP 10 of your favourite AQUA songs! Cast your vote party people!!

January 20, 2011


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Aqua - Aquarius

Aqua - Aquarius

We can finally reveal the results of our 6th poll! Three songs had the same ammount of votes so we had to make a play off!

This is the Aquarius chart according to our readers:

12) An apple a day (1 vote)
11) Cuba libre (2 votes)
10) Good guys (7 votes / 10 at the play off)
09) Freaky friday (7 votes / 13 at the play off)
08) Goodbye to the circus (7 votes / 15 at the play off)
07) Back from Mars (8 votes)
06) Bumble bees (9 votes)
05) Halloween (10 votes)
04) We belong to the sea (11 votes)
03) Around the world (24 votes)
02) Aquarius (28 votes)
01) Cartoon heroes (37 votes)

Come back next week for the new survey! It will be huge!!

January 9, 2011

6TH POLL part 2: Freaky friday Vs Good Guys Vs Goodbye to the circus

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Aqua - Aquarius

Aqua - Aquarius

Last month we asked you which track form Aquarius was your favourite, we recieved 151 votes but three songs recieved the same ammount of votes… so in these week you will be able to vote betweek these 3 songs!
Do you prefer Freaky friday, Good guys or Goodbye to the circus! Cast your vote!


December 8, 2010

6TH POLL: what’s your favourite song from AQUARIUS?

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Aqua - Aquarius

Aqua - Aquarius

It’s time for our 6th poll! Last time we asked you which was your favourite song from AQUARIUM, now we would like to know what’s your favourite song from AQUARIUS, the 2nd amazing studio album from Aqua!

Aquarius was released in february 2000 and the first single Cartoon heroes reached high chart positions in different countries but unfortunately the album and the next singles didn’t have the same commercial success as their first album Aquarium.

Cast your vote good guys!

November 26, 2010


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Aqua - Aquarium

Aqua - Aquarium

We can finally show you the ultimate chart of Aquarium voted by you, the Aqua Fan Page readers! Enjoy it!

12) Heat of the night
11) Calling you
10) Didn’t I
09) Be a man
08) Goodmorning sunshine
07) Barbie girl
06) Doctor Jones
05) My oh my
04) Roses are red
03) Happy boys & girls
02) Lollipop (Candyman)
01) Turn back time

Interesting isn’t it? Come back next week for a brand new poll!

November 14, 2010

5TH POLL part 2: Lollipop Vs Happy Boys & Girls / Be a man Vs Didn’t I

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Three months ago we asked you which Aquarium song was your favourite unfortunately we can’t make a chart because a couple of songs recieved the same number of votes! So we need your opinion again! Please vote to the next poll and next week we will have the real chart!


November 10, 2010


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As you probably remember last april we asked you which style would you like Aqua’s new album to be. I think it’s time to see the results while we wait for more info about the upcoming 3rd studio album by Aqua!

From your opinion we understand that you would like an Old School Aqua album (47%) but very oriented to the Dance music (33%)! The 16% of you would like a rock album and just the 4% an R’n'B album.

By now we just have to wait and see what they have in store for us! Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too much!

Aqua 4th poll results

Aqua 4th poll results

August 18, 2010

5TH POLL: what’s your favourite song from AQUARIUM?

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Aqua - Aquarium

It’s now time to go back in time! We would like to ask you what is your favourite song from Aqua first album “Aquarium”!

Aquarium was released the 26th of March 1997 and included international hits as “Barbie Girl”, “Doctor Jones” and “Turn Back Time”!

So it’s time to cast your votes! Make your jump in the past while we wait for the new Aqua album!


April 22, 2010

4TH POLL: Aqua’s 3rd album! Which style would you like it to be?!

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As you all know Aqua are currently recording their third album, the first after their reunion in 2007!

We’d like to know from the other fans which direction you would like the album to take!

Would you like an old school album, in pure Aqua style, or maybe a more rock album?! Would you like them to produce something more dance or maybe with some R’n'B influence?!

Well… Cast your votes guys! You can make two choices!


April 10, 2010


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A couple of months ago we asked you which of the song from “Alt Går Op I 6″ is your favourite! We now have the results…

This is the fans’ chart:

1) Party I Provinsen
2) Skabt Til Dig
3) Walk in the park
4) Maskinerne
5) Legendebørn
6) Energi

We received a total of 87 votes! These are the final results:

3rd poll results

3rd poll results

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