March 6, 2014

AQUA LIVE FROM RUSSIA: Saint Petersburg, 7th March 2014

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Aqua Live from Russia

Aqua Live from Russia

AQUA will perform tomorrow (7th march 2014) at Saint Petersburg, Russia, during a festival that celebrate the 90’s!

Tha band will perform 6 songs from their first two albums, Aquarium and Aquarius. Unfortunately they won’t play any song from Megalomania. This should be the set list:

- Barbie girl
- Around the world
- Roses are red
- My oh my
- Turn back time
- Doctor Jones

If you’re from Russia you can find more info at this link:

As the concert will be held in Russia, Lene took some time on Instagram to speak against the recent anti-gay law that deny people to talk about gay in public. The band will carry the message by bringing on stage their rainbow guitar! A big THANK YOU from the LGBT community!

Lene message on Instagram

Lene message on Instagram

January 16, 2011

LENE IN SOUTH AFRICA: behind the scenes of the photo shoots!

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Lene Nystrom Rasted

Lene Nystrom Rasted

There are still new surprises from the brand new Aqua’s Facebook page!

From yesterday we can find an amazing behind the scene photo gallery from Lene’s photo shoot in South Africa! Lene is in fact taking part to a photo shoot for a Norwegian commercial.

The pics are really stunning and Lene looks beautiful as always! Go and watch them on Aqua’s official facebook at this link!

January 3, 2011


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The new trailer for the second movie of the Varg Veum series, called Svarte Får, is finally out. The movie will be released the 21st of January in Scandinavia! Check out the amazing trailer in which we see Lene Nystrom playing Karin, the girlfriend of the detective Varg Veum:

(Thanks to German for finding this)

November 13, 2010


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Lene for Ole Lynggaard

Lene Nystrom Rasted is again the face for the new collection of the Danish jewellery Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.
The new shots are just amazing! For this new session of pictures they decided to leave the black and white and the result is a gallery of 11 full-color photos in which Lene appears in all her beauty!
To see the pictures you can visit the official web site of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen or just take a look at our gallery beyond this news!
We just love this new pictures!!

Lene for Ole Lynggaard 2010/2011

Lene Nystrom is once again the face for Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen new collection 2010/2011

11 Photos


October 5, 2010


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Lene is the best dressed celebrity

Lene Nystrøm

We recieved a very good news today! Hege Bakken Riise of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) informed us that in the middle of November Lene Nystrøm will be the guest star of a TV show called “Litt av et liv” (equivalent to the BBC program “This is your life”) in which they will portraying her life and her career.

The show is made as an interview with Lene in the studio, with lots of special guests who in some way have influenced her life that will appear on the show during the interview. Because of this it is very likely that also the other three Aqua members will appear in the show but it is not confirmed yet.

The show will be recorded in Oslo on the 17th of November and will be aired in Spring 2011. The very good news is that the network hopes to fill the audience with Aqua and Lene fans so if you don’t live far away from Oslo and you want to attend the show you can order your tickets for free at this link:

If you can’t assist the show it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of it! if you have some funny stories to tell or if you’d like to suggest some questions write us ( and we will propose them to the team of the NBK!

August 24, 2010


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Thanks to our friend Chiara Corbo we found another picture of Lene from Elle magazine!
In this picture she is wearing a flowered dress with a neckline on the back.

Enjoy the picture and if you have info about getting the magazine from outside Norway let us know at this email adresse, this will help all the fans:

Lene on Elle

Lene on Elle

August 22, 2010


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Lene on Elle

Lene on Elle

A couple of weeks ago Lene went to Ibiza for a photoshoot for the Norwegian edition of Elle megazine. Now we can finally see part of the results as Lene is on the front cover of the megazine! In the picture she wear nothing but a Louis Vuitton bag and she looks absolutely stunning as always!

Inside the megazine there will be an interview where “Lene talks about her marriage, movie career, plastic surgery and Aqua” as we read from the cover of Elle.
In the next days we will try to get more informations about the interview and hot to get the megazine if you don’t live in Norway! Stay tuned ;)

August 6, 2010


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This is our last gallery from Rock Under Broen! 75 new pictures of Lene! We hope you will like this gallery as much as we do!
We still have to show you all the things we get from the concert, as Lene’s towel and Renè’s tie! So… come back soon guys!

Lene @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

Lene @ Rock Under Broen (2010)

75 Photos


Pictures by Michele Doronzo

July 9, 2010

VARG VEUM II: Skriften på veggen / THE TRAILER

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Lene Nystrøm in Varg Veum movie

Lene Nystrøm in Varg Veum movie

The first movie of the new Varg Veum series in which Lene Nystrøm plays the part of Karin, the girlfriend of the detective Varg Veum will be released this august in Norway.

This will be the first of 6 new movies about Varg Veum, shooting for the second movie will start next week.

Skriften på veggen (The writing on the wall) will be released in theaters around Norway the 27th of August 2010. This is the trailer for the movie:

April 18, 2010


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Thanks to our friend German we discovered an interview that Westlife, boy band who reached the top of their career in the 90’s, gave to VG Nett.

In this interview the boys also talked about Aqua and Lene!

Watch the funny interview at this link:

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